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Changing jobs abroad: an exciting prospect that appeals to many employees and looks very good on any CV. All the better, then, if you have a professional partner in Garnier Personalvermittlung to help you find the right job and the right employer: reliably, efficiently, and pragmatically!

We have been supporting workers from other EU countries since 2011 when it comes to finding a qualified job in Germany. Many years of experience you can count on. Especially when looking for accommodation, moving across borders, registering at the Residents‘ Registration Office, banking transactions (opening an account), etc. We are particularly interested in skilled workers and employees from the health and care sector – but also in construction workers, cleaners, truck drivers and many more.

In addition to the actual placement process, you will receive in-depth advice on any available funding opportunities. For example, since 2011 there has been a special programme of the European Commission to promote the professional mobility of young adults interested in training as well as workers and skilled workers who would like to work in another EU country. This programme offers interested young people and adults from EU member states a professional perspective abroad, for example in Germany.

Garnier Personalvermittlung has worked closely with the European Commission from the very beginning on the application and payment of the corresponding subsidies. In 2017, Christian Garnier, owner of Garnier-Personalvermittlung, was invited to a congress in Rome to report on his extensive experience in this field.

Overview of EU funding opportunities for applicants:
• Financial support for travel to the interview (not applicable during the Corona crisis, as interviews are conducted in the form of Skype interviews).
• Financial support for language courses
• Financial support to enter the country of employment
• Financial support for the preparation of documents for the recognition of training in the country of employment

Further information on funding from the European Commission can otherwise be found here. For further questions, please contact the Garnier recruitment agency directly (

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