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Since 2011, we have been placing workers across the borders of the European Union (EU) with employers based in another EU country, such as Germany: primarily skilled workers and employees from the health and care sector – but increasingly also construction workers, cleaners, lorry drivers and many more. This is a transfer of know-how within the EU, which is explicitly desired by the EU and in some cases even supported financially.

For example, within the framework of a special programme to promote the occupational mobility of young adults interested in training as well as labour and skilled workers who would like to work in another EU country. This programme offers interested young people and adults from EU member states a professional perspective abroad.
Garnier Personalvermittlung has been working closely with the European Commission from the beginning (2011) on the application and payment of the corresponding subsidies. Depending on the position – applicant or employer – this results in a number of advantages.

EU funding opportunities for applicants:

  • Financial support for travel to the interview (not applicable during the Corona crisis, as interviews are conducted via Skype)
  • Financial support for language courses
  • Financial support to enter the country of employment
  • Financial support to prepare documents for recognition of training in the country of employment

EU funding opportunities for employers:

For small and medium-sized enterprises with no more than 249 employees and an annual turnover of no more than 50 million euros or a balance sheet total of no more than 43 million euros (SMEs), the Euro also offers some financial incentives: for example, a total of up to 5,500 euros in funding can be applied for per applicant and employer.

For more information on this topic, employers should contact Mr Christian Garnier directly (

TIP: Although not subsidised by the EU, the EU-wide placement of craftsmen from the construction sector by the Garnier recruitment agency is nevertheless advantageous for employers from a financial point of view: the corresponding skilled and unskilled workers have their own German tax number and are independently insured.