Arbeitgeber Employer

The name Garnier has stood for professional, industry-specific personnel placement since 2011. Well-founded experience, a broad network as well as our industry and target group specialization create a high placement quality with reliable customer satisfaction, which ensures long-term personnel planning, development and security.  And that beyond the EU borders!

Against the backdrop of a constantly changing labor market, we offer enormous savings potential in terms of resources and costs by providing you with competent employees reliably, flexibly and sustainably. In addition, our own daily updated employee database ensures an efficient and targeted search & selection process, with which vacancies can be adequately filled.

This search & selection process consists of six steps:
1. preliminary interview to determine requirements, analysis, and creation of a detailed profile of the job to be filled; clarification of tasks, creation of objectives
2. filtering of the applicant database with regard to potential candidates, active research in the network pool of the Garnier recruitment agency, direct approach, identification of possible candidates

3. pre-selection of potential candidates through personal profiling interviews, creation of an applicant setcard
4. transmission of the candidate setcards to you as a customer for anonymous pre-selection
5. arranging appointments for joint interviews with the applicants on your premises
6. informing the applicants about your decision and/or filling the position

Your advantages at a glance:
• Support with regard to optimal job planning and filling of positions
• Placement of qualified employees for all areas
• Quick and immediate access to new applicants
• Flexibility in personnel planning
• Professional, successful search/selection of applicants and filling of vacancies
• Externally outsourced applicant selection
• Anonymous recruitment upon request
• Calculable cost budget
• Time and cost savings

In addition to the actual placement process, you will also receive in-depth advice on any available funding opportunities. Since 2011, for example, there has been a special program of the European Commission to promote the professional mobility of young adults interested in training as well as employees and skilled workers who would like to work in another EU country.

This and other funding opportunities are also available to SMEs, i.e., micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with no more than 249 employees and annual sales of no more than 50 million euros or total assets of no more than 43 million euros.

Garnier Personalvermittung has been cooperating with the European Commission from the very beginning regarding the application and payment of the respective subsidies. In total, up to 5,500 euros in subsidies can be applied for per applicant and employer.

Further information on these and other subsidies from the European Commission can otherwise be found here. For questions beyond this, please contact Mr. Christian Garnier directly (christian.garnier@garnier-trier.de).

We offer a further financial benefit to employers in that we can provide EU-wide craftsmen from the construction sector, who have their own German tax number and are independently insured.